• Structured Productive Bass Lessons Focusing on All Areas of Playing
  • Any Level, Any Age, Any Style, Including Grades (if required)
  • 15 Years of Experience as a Pro Session Bass Player / Bass Teacher
  • If you want to be a bass player, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN!
  • Lessons are well-balanced, laid back and tailored to your needs!

Every student is unique and requires a different approach – and this is what you get.

Work will be done on a variety of different skills such as Technique, Reading, Improvisation, Listening, Live Performance etc. This will help you feel more comfortable on your instrument and will prepare you well for musical situations.

We will explore bass playing in different styles such as rock, funk, blues, reggae, r’n’b, latin and jazz. We will also look at influential bands and bass players that have developed the instrument and explore the art of improvisation which is the ultimate form of creative expression.

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